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A-1 Forestry Group has equipment to get large fuels reduction and fuel break projects done quickly.

Fuels Reduction & Fire Breaks

How our services help communities

A-1 Forestry Group works with local agencies including CAL-FIRE to put in fuel breaks to prepare for fire season. Using our massive Tigercat 480B mulcher we can quickly tackle large-scale fuels reduction or fuel break projects around cities in the North State, protecting them in the event of a wildfire.

What makes mastication different?

Over the past several years, fuel accumulation has caused several major wildfires, showing the need for large fuels reduction projects. Although controlled burning is often the most common way to reduce fire fuels, it can be dangerous in some areas due to terrain, wind conditions and accessibility. Not to mention a threat to close by communities if the controlled burn were to go out of control. In this case, mastication is the best option. 

Using our equipment and mastication techniques we reduce dry fire fuels dramatically while reintroducing nutrients to the soil, creating an ideal environment for new vegetation to grow. The process of fuels reduction is a key tool for fire fighting personnel, land managers and property owners. 

Fuels Reduction project in Shasta Lake City, CA

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