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At A-1 tree Service & Stump Removal, we're committed to giving back to our community. That's why we've created the Community Kickback Program. We're proud to be the only tree service in Redding that gives away free tree work to home owners in need. We understand how important it is to keep our community safe, which is why we offer 3 hours of free tree work per month to help with hazardous trees, fire danger, and insurance clearance.


How it works

We can help ensure that properties meet all nesecary insurance policy requirements to help prevent a policy from being canceled. We understand the impact that a safe and well-maintained property can have on a family, and we hope to make a difference in our community by offering our services for free. We are inviting you to nominate a family! We will contact the family you nominate to schedule an estimate, and they will be entered to win! We keep all nominations on a running list, so if they don't win this time they are still in the running for our next giveaway.


Ready to nominate?

Fill out the form below with information for the person you'd like to nominate, if you have questions or would prefer to talk with our office staff directly give our office a call!

(530) 221-9427 

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