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A tree service groundsman, also known as a tree care worker or tree service laborer, plays a supporting role in tree care and maintenance operations. Their primary responsibilities include assisting tree climbers, arborists, and tree trimmers in various tasks related to tree maintenance, pruning, and removal. Some common duties of a tree service groundsman include:


1. Ground Preparation: A groundsman helps prepare the work area by clearing debris, setting up safety equipment, and ensuring that the area is safe for tree climbers to work in.


2. Branch Removal: They may assist in removing branches and brush from trees that have been trimmed or cut down by tree climbers.


3. Equipment Maintenance: Groundsmen are often responsible for maintaining and organizing tools and equipment used in tree care operations.


4. Chipper Operation: They may operate wood chippers to process tree branches and debris into wood chips for disposal or recycling.


5. Debris Cleanup: Groundsmen help clean up and remove debris from the work site after tree trimming or removal activities are completed.


6. Traffic Control: In some cases, groundsman may be responsible for directing traffic or pedestrians to ensure safety around work zones.


7. Assist with Rigging: They may assist in rigging and lowering branches or tree sections safely to the ground.


Overall, tree service groundsmen play a vital role in supporting the work of tree care professionals and ensuring that tree care operations are carried out safely and efficiently. They may work for tree service companies, landscaping firms, or municipal agencies involved in tree maintenance and care.

Job Description

$18 - $25
Bonus opportunities


Health benefits

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